Ghent Holidayland 1: Ghent, city of art and culture

Nic Balthazar is in love with Ghent and he is certainly not alone. He takes you during 8 episodes to well-known and lesser-known places in Ghent during “Gent Holidayland”. In this episode: Lights on Van Eyck, the Gentenaar, the Belfry, sailing a boat through the center and the Seven Senses Tour.

Ghent Holidayland 2: Ghent is very wise

The Castle of the Counts, Design Museum Ghent and the Ghent Altarpiece. Discover a new episode every two weeks.

Ghent Holidayland 3 - Ghent is full of artists

There is no shortage of art and culture in Ghent. On the Bijloke site you will not only find the city museum, but also a music center and an art school. Would you rather have works of art on your plate? Nowhere else are there so many young star chefs who work with so much passion and attention on local and sustainable food. In this episode: the Bijlokesite, the STAM and rock 'n roll top chefs

Gent Holidayland 4 - Art and trampolines in the green

In Ghent we like to keep our art in the Green. From the Ghent Altarpiece in the shadow of the Maaseikplein, to the MSK and the SMAK between the trees of the Citadel Park. Prefer to just go to the beach? A few minutes by bike from the center you are in the Blaarmeersen.

In this episode: the Maaseikplein, the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), the Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK), the Blaarmeersen and our Ghent entrepreneurs.

Gent Holidayland 5 - Ghent with a bike under your butt

Crossing Ghent like a boss? You do that by bike. Ghent has one of the largest car-free centers in Europe and is a cycling city through and through. Children are really born here with a bicycle under their buttocks. Prefer cycling in the green? That is possible in our beautiful province, East Flanders. You cycle along the Scheldt and the Leie, get some fresh air in the Parkbos or imagine yourself as a real castle lady or lord along some beautiful castles.

In this episode: Emperor Charles, St Bavo's Abbey, St Peter's Abbey, cycling in Ghent and the surrounding area and the Castle Route.

Ghent Holidayland 6 - Ghent is the best of the best

There is so much more in Ghent than what visitors know well. Everyone knows our 3 well-known towers, but we also have a fourth, the Boekentoren. Our beguinages also remain a well-kept secret for many. You will discover it all in the sixth episode of Gent Holidayland.

In this episode: the Boekentoren, our Beguinages, walking and cycling in the Lys region and a culinary world trip in Patershol in Ghent.

Ghent Holidayland 7 - The industrial glory of Ghent

During the industrial revolution, Ghent turned out to be a real factory city. You can still experience this to this day in the our Industrial Museum, a museum full of testimonies, machines and objects from the first and second industrial revolution. Along with the gigantic wealth and poverty that this evolution brought about, came the social struggle. In this episode you will discover beautiful buildings such as Ons Huis and Kunstencentrum Vooruit.

In this episode: Opera Ghent, the Industry Museum, Kunstcentrum Vooruit, Huis Van Alijn, the Patershol and shopping in Ghent.

Ghent Holidayland 8 - A beautiful region

Is Ghent really the cleanest city in the world? There is no doubt about that, according to Nic Balthazar. Moreover, the region around Ghent should not be inferior. From endless cycling routes past beautiful castles to the sacred cobblestone ground of the Flemish Ardennes, there is also a lot to experience in the region around Ghent.

In this episode: hip street art – Oudenaarde, the center of the Ronde Van Vlaanderen – cycling in and around Ghent – events in the city.

Gent Holidayland 9 - City with an absolute masterpiece

According to art historians, you must have seen it at least once in your life, the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. This absolute masterpiece is considered one of the most influential paintings ever made and is therefore a real 'must see' during your city trip to Ghent.

In this episode: St Bavo's Cathedral, the Ghent Altarpiece and its impressive visitor center.

Gent Holidayland 10 - Between art and science

While cycling through Ghent you will come across one interesting museum after another. Sometimes with a scientific slant, but above all with a lot of room to think for yourself. Allow the wonder and discover it for yourself!

In this episode: the Botanic Garden, the Ghent University Museum, the World of Kina and the Dr. Guislain Museum.

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