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Ghent Light Festival

January 31 - February 4, 2024

Late Thursdays in the Ghent museums

Open every Thursday until 10 pm

Nightlife in Ghent

The Ghent entertainment districts

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Why city trip in Ghent? Ghent is alive and worth a weekend away, it is also an ideal last minute city trip. Quirky Ghent breathes history and offers you a fascinating cultural cocktail filled to the brim with trendy and modern city life. Ghent is the city for bon vivants, nothing is necessary, everything is possible, a city on a human scale. The sympathetic and hospitable inhabitants of Ghent know what a good life is all about. During your city trip, don't miss the opportunity to admire the world-famous masterpiece The Ghent Altarpiece, by the Van Eyck brothers. Really, Ghent is chill, nothing is necessary, everything is possible, a city trip on a human scale. Browse through the many sights of lively Ghent. You will find a maximum dose of 'must sees' here. Ghent spoils you!

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Experience the Ghent Altarpiece and visit Ghent, the city where Van Eyck painted his world-famous masterpiece.

Whoever says Ghent, says the Lamb of God. Both are inextricably linked. Ghent is the city where Van Eyck painted his world-famous masterpiece and where millions of visitors from all over the world have come to admire the altarpiece for six centuries. The city celebrates Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece with a special festive year full of events and activities for young and old. Van Eyck was here. And will be here to stay. will you? Live the Ghent Altarpiece and pay a visit to fully live the experience for yourself. Let your senses stimulate. See the colors that have been extracted from the Mystic Lamb come to life in magical spectacles. Smell the flora in the work during the Floralies. Or even better: taste them in our many excellent restaurants. Feel the rich brocade or robust oak return in contemporary designs. Hear music-making angels bring 15th century music to life or rework it into contemporary compositions.

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Not to be missed in Ghent

Visiting Ghent? We will of course make it as pleasant as possible for you! You should definitely visit the Ghent museums, historic houses, shops, restaurants and a terrace. Fortunately, Ghent also has many walking and cycling areas. Discover all there is to do in the city!


10 reasons to visit Ghent

1 The Lamb of God 2 Gravestone 3 The Belfry 4 The Ghent waters 5 St Bavo's Abbey 6 Culture 7 The Ghent Festivities 8 Specialties 9 Diversity 10 Ghent In Motion